Movie legend Al Pacino came face to face with his ex-wife yesterday (17JUL03) in a bitter battle over their twin toddlers.

The 63-year-old GODFATHER star is fighting actress Beverly D'Angelo for joint custody of the two-year-olds. The pair met in a heated Manhattan, New York court battle yesterday.

Pacino has previously accused 48-year-old Beverly - who had Olivia and ANTON through IVF treatment - of holding the youngsters "hostage".

Pacino's lawyer MARTIN WASSER said, "Beverly continues to use the kids in a way that makes them hostages. She literally makes us feel that we are in the baby rental business. Every hour that Al wants to spend with a child, she wants to be paid more money."

But D'Angelo's lawyer Dan Klores hit back, "The conduct of Al Pacino's attorney has been reprehensible. There should not be a mother in America who isn't appalled by his language, deceptions and untruths.

"He's trying to make a name for himself by attacking the mother of two children."

The case continues.

18/07/2003 01:57