Al Pacino will combine his love of theatre and film once again with SOLOMAYBE?, a feature film in the same vein as his 1996 documentary LOOKING FOR RICHARD. The movie will interweave behind-the-scenes footage from the current Los Angeles staging of Oscar Wilde's SALOME, along with fictional elements. Pacino will direct the film, as well as appear on camera. He plays KING HEROD in the biblically inspired tragicomedy, which debuted last week (ends14APR06) at the Wadsworth Theatre in Los Angeles. According to the movie's producer Barry Navidi, "Al is interested in the process that actors go through and what we go though as film-makers. Navidi insists the film will be completed this year (06), adding, "It took Al four years to finish Looking for Richard, but we will have Salomaybe? finished this year (06) and delivered next year (07) at one of the major festivals."