Al Pacino has been accused of breaching a court order banning him from talking about his children with ex partner BEVERLY D'ANGELO. The actor discusses his and D'Angelo's parenting of five-year-old twins ANTON and Olivia in AL PACINO: IN CONVERSATION WITH LAWRENCE GROBEL, a collection of articles on the actor. Grobel writes, "His four-year-old daughter had seen a bee on the grass, hurt and perhaps dying. She pointed it out to her daddy, who said, 'The bee is not well. Why don't we put it in a better place?' So he lifted it onto a piece of paper, and they placed it on a flower bed. Later, when he was dropping (the twins) off, he said to his daughter, 'Why don't you tell Mommy about the bee?' and Mommy said, 'She was once stung by a bee. You shouldn't let her near one.' "Al wanted to explain that the bee was not a danger. But their mother was coming from another place: Bees can sting." But D'Angelo - who has fought and won a bitter court battle over the kids since her split from Pacino in 2002 - is furious. A friend tells the New York Daily News, "Beverly does not remember this ever happening. Al is notorious for taking dramatic license. And he's not supposed to be talking about the kids anyway." D'Angelo tells the paper, "Since 2003, there has been a court order covering this kind of thing."