Hollywood superstar Al Pacino is set to star in the next Bond movie, according to recent reports.

An article in the Mirror states that The Godfather actor will make a guest appearance as a bad guy in the upcoming QUANTUM OF SOLACE movie.

The newspaper quotes a source as saying that the 67-year-old actor will play the head of the international terrorist group introduced in CASINO ROYAL.

"It's not a major role but it's an extremely important one. It will be a brief on-screen appearance," they continued.

"It will be fabulous to see him square up against Bond."

It is believed that the actor, whose credits include SCARFACE and FRANKIE AND JOHNNY, will begin filming his cameo in April.

Meanwhile, reports are also suggesting that Big Brother and Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty will be making an appearance in the film as a Bond girl.

It is unknown what character Shilpa will play, although IMDB states that she will be called Devi.

14/02/2008 14:30:32