Al Pacino will return to the London stage after more than 30 years in an adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play Salome.

The Scarface actor has starred in the drama twice in the U.S. and a performance of the Los Angeles production was turned into a film, which also starred Jessica Chastain. He has also written, directed and starred in Wilde Salome, a documentary about his obsession with the drama.

Pacino will take his connection to the piece further by playing the King Herod character on the stage once more in London in 2016.

He tells Britain's Daily Mail, "There will be make-up, sets, costumes... and decadence. It will be a whole different thing to what we did in America... We had Jessica Chastain play Salome in Los Angeles, and made a film of the play. It was her first film. We lucked out on her, but we need to discover a new actress to Salome in London. We're all looking."

The film and documentary premiered in London on Sunday (21Sep14) and Pacino was honoured with a Fellowship from the British Film Institute (Bfi) on Wednesday (24Sep14).

Pacino last appeared on the London stage in 1984 in David Mamet's play American Buffalo.