The Hollywood veteran stars in David Mamet's new play China Doll, which opened at New York's Gerald Schoenfeld Theater on Friday (04Dec15) following a series of delays as producers scrambled to make last-minute changes.

After opening night, the production was mauled by critics, who branded it "garbage".

The New York Post's Elisabeth Vincentelli wrote, "This must be some kind of cynical Broadway-producer experiment: Will people pony up $150 to see Al Pacino in any old garbage? The answer is a resounding yes.. While it's technically not old garbage... it's garbage all the same."

Joe Dziemianowicz of the New York Daily News gave the play zero stars out of five and branded "China Dud" a "complete waste of time and money".

However, new box office figures show the play has proved to be a hit, breaking through the million dollar weekly takings barrier the week after America's Thanksgiving holiday (26Nov15) when many of Broadway's top shows suffered a slump, according to Forbes.

The play's weekly earnings increased by $417,000 (£260625) to $1.1 million (£687,500).