Al Jourgensen is set to be transformed into a superhero in his own comic book series.

The Ministry rocker has teamed up with British artist Sam Shearon to launch Ministry: The Devil's Chord - The Chronicles of Alien F. Jourgensen.

The 13-issue series will follow title character Alien F. Jourgensen, a budding musician, and is expected to premiere at Comic-Con next summer (14).

A statement from Jourgensen, reads: "I've been wanting to step away from music for a bit, switch gears. I met Sam and then Poof (sic)! Sam turns me into a superhero. Ya (sic), I'll sign up for that!"

Each issue will be based on a Ministry album and Jourgensen is hoping to include his fellow musicians in the series.

He says, "I'd love to have people like Trent Reznor, Billy Gibbons and Billy Haynes be characters in the series. I mean, who doesn't want to be a superhero?"