Jazz great Al Jarreau has assured fans that reports of his near-death health battle this summer (10) were vastly overblown - he's fine.
The Moonlighting singer fell ill in July (10) after he was diagnosed with a heart arrhythmia in France, but he insists the issue was quickly resolved and he spent much of the season reading about his inevitable demise.
He tells Billboard.com, "There's a tabloid thing that happens for people who are... big celebrities and I got some of that, so I figured, 'Yeah, maybe I have arrived.
"It did kind of scare a lot of people, and that was a little bit disturbing."
But he insists the reports were vastly exaggerated: "I had a shortness of breath incident, and I went in (to hospital) and it led to a real thorough examination... and I found out I had some cells that were misfiring and miscommunicating in my heart and making my heart race and causing a shortness of breath.
"There was an easy fix for it, so we did the fix, and there are a few lifestyle changes in place now. I think I might have avoided and averted some other, bigger problems had I not discovered it. But we're beyond that now, and I'm doing great."