Singer Al Green once unknowingly ate his beloved pet goat in a stew his father had cooked up.

The soul great's disobedient childhood pal BILLY regularly caused chaos around his family's land, so one day his dad took revenge - and added him to the casserole dish.

And Green recalls with horror the moment he realised why his dad was laughing maniacally at the dinner table.

He says, "My dad told me to keep him tied up. But he'd get away and cause more mischief. So we were having dinner one night and I'm thinking, 'Hmm, this stew tastes good, not like anything I've tasted before.'

"So I ask my mother what kind of meat is in it. And my mother is saying nothing. I ask my father the same question and he says nothing. So I kept chewing. Then I stopped because my dad was cracking up with laughter and at that moment I knew it was Billy I was eating.

"I've never eaten goat since that day. But my love for that goat is still there."

17/05/2005 17:21