Fox News business commentator Neil Cavuto suggested Wednesday that Warner Bros.' hit movie Happy Feet was like "an animated Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore's documentary about global warming. "I half expected to see an animated version of Al Gore pop up," he said. In the lower part of the screen, the words, "Is Hollywood using kids movies to promote agenda?" were posted. Cavuto called the film "big-time objectionable" for "foisting" a political position on children. He called in Fox critic Holly McClure who agreed and took the film to task for negative portrayals of marine acquariums and water parks, saying that they were intended to make parents "feel guilty" about taking their kids to them. Meanwhile, Fox News's corporate sibling 20th Century Fox has posted a trailer for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie on YouTube, showing Homer finding himself hilariously banged about between a rock and a hard place. That animated film also reportedly has an environmental message.

Summaries of reviews for Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, Bobby, and For Your Consideration will be included in Friday's edition of Studio Briefing.