LATEST: Comedian-turned-radio host Al Franken has officially announced he will seek the Democratic nomination to run for the US Senate seat now held by Minnesota Republican NORM COLEMAN. The 55-year-old former Saturday Night Live star and political commentator, made the announcement in a post on his website. He wrote, "I'm not a typical politician (but) nothing means more to me than making government work better for the working families of this state." The Harvard University graduate gained national fame as a performer and Emmy award-winning writer on US sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live and is also a best-selling author. Franken's announcement coincided with his last day as an on-air commentator for Air America, a US radio network he helped launch in 2004. He said his contact with the people of Minnesota, where he grew up and still lives, shows "they're sick of politics as usual and they're sick of the usual politicians."