R+B star Akon celebrated his release from prison in the late 1990s by watching a bevy of beauties disrobe at a strip club.

The singer - who's amassed a strong US fanbase following the success of his autobiographical hit LOCKED UP - was desperate to start work on his music when he'd completed his stint in jail, following a car crime conviction.

However, before he settled back into the recording studio, he drove to a lapdancing club - to alleviate the sexual frustration that had built up within him during his spell behind bars.

He says, "I went down for being part of a car theft operation. It was a bit like GONE IN 60 SECONDS. Locked Up was the first record I wrote when I got out of jail.

"We went straight to the strip club from the prison gates and from there back to my studio. I was thinking a lot about girls shaking their a**es when I was inside, so I think it's kind of natural the first record I wrote when I got out was a party song."

23/02/2005 14:36