The road manager for R+B singer Akon has been shot to death outside a New Jersey bar.

ROBERT 'SCREW' MONTANEZ was killed on Wednesday (15DEC04), after preventing a man from robbing Capone-N-Noreaga rapper CAPONE of his jewellery.

Montanez was with Akon and Capone at the Ringside Bar in Jersey City, New Jersey, taping a promotion featuring Capone.

According to an eye-witness account, trouble started when Montanez, Capone and others gathered to take pictures in the parking lot following a successful event.

RODINI ALMONACY, who saw the shooting, tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "He might have been able to be saved, but people crowded around him. The worst part? The ambulance took at least 30 minutes to get there."

Authorities are looking at surveillance tapes for clues to assist in the capture of the shooter.

MARIO COSTA, owner of The Ringside Bar, is offering a $20,000 (GBP10,526) reward to anyone that provides information.

19/12/2004 11:17