R+B singer Akon has refused to tone down his rowdy stage shows - because the controversy surrounding his antics has inspired him to become more imaginative with his moves.
The Smack That singer hit headlines in April 2007 when critics blasted him for simulating sex on-stage with an underage fan.
And he was forced to defend himself again in August (08) against claims he assaulted two female fans at another concert.
But the star insists he's become more creative as a result of the criticism, despite his ongoing lawsuit in a "fan-tossing" incident, which stems from allegations he threw a fan into the crowd during a concert in New York in June 2007.
He tells WENN, "Actually, it made my stage act stronger. It gave me new ways to move the crowd and interact with the crowd. It opened up the creative level. Things I can do, things I can't do, things to work around that can give you the same effect without being... dangerous.
"At this stage you have to be more conscious and you have to be humble. But people don't look at that the same way."
Akon's hearing in the "fan-tossing" incident has been postponed until 17 December (08).
He has pleaded not guilty to one misdemeanour count of endangering the welfare of a minor and one count of second-degree harassment.