R&B star Akon is following in the footsteps of Snoop Dogg - he's recording a track for a Bollywood film.
Rapper Snoop, real name Calvin Broadus, recorded a song for Indian film Singh is Kinng in 2008.
Now Smack That hitmaker Akon has followed suit by contributing a track for movie RA. One - he will sing in the local Hindi language and has offered his services for free.
Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, who appears in the film, says, "He (Akon) is a gracious person. He will record a song in Hindi and will also feature in the video. He has flown with his family, friends and team of musicians (to Mumbai, India)."
Akon is also keen to continue working in the country, adding: "India is my next focus area. I want to try different things, want to explore... want to enjoy my work. We have the same kind of entertainment, the only difference is of tradition and language."