The Locked Up singer has teamed up with bosses at the company to work on upcoming products including the Moon - a portable 3D virtual mobile theatre, which also comes with noise-cancelling headphones.

The product was unveiled on Thursday (15Sep16) and Akon told he was thrilled about joining the firm and working with Chief Executive Officer Bill Liu.

"Now, other ideas that (I have) are just unthinkable until you tangibly see it," he said. "(Royole) has everything we need to make those things happen, so I'm really looking forward to the future."

"The future should be your only focus," he added. "The now is here and gone tomorrow, so if you're not thinking about the future man, you're gonna go away along with the day. So I always want to be forward thinking and be a part of what's to come. Yeah, it's a lot more risk, of course, but that risk always pays out - the greater the risk the greater the reward is the way I see it."