R+B star Akon has signed British hip-hop artist Sway to his record label.
Akon was so impressed by the star's material he has signed him to his Kon Live label.
Sway - real name Derek Safo - says, "I've just been around (him) and learning from the way they work.
"They really like what I'm doing. What they've offered me is a platform to blow up in America."
And Safo believes he can be a success in the U.S. rap industry, because it is becoming more accepting of U.K. artists.
He adds, "The girls have opened the doors for us - like Lily Allen, Estelle, Leona Lewis, Amy Winehouse.
"The girls have gone over there and smashed it on a singing level. And now it's time for the rappers to move in. More and more rappers are getting noticed over there."