R+B star Akon is eager to get back in the studio with Michael Jackson - because it was the "weirdest experience" he's had with another musician.
The pair teamed up on the track Hold My Hand but the song was pulled from Akon's new LP after it leaked online.
The Smack That hitmaker has suggested he'll team up with the Thriller legend once again, but the collaboration can't come soon enough - because meeting Jackson was the high point of his career.
He tells WENN, "I thought I was going to be (starstruck) on my way there but as soon as we met it was like we knew each other for years. It was the weirdest experience because he knew everything about me, and I knew everything about him. So when we met each other, it was like we knew each other forever... That was the epitome of my collaboration."
Remembering some of Jackson's more bizarre behaviour, he adds, "He only works at a certain time and keeps a lot of stuff hidden. He'll launch it off a certain way and wants to surprise people."