R&B hitmaker Akon is refusing to turn his back on beleaguered singer Chris Brown, insisting he'd be happy to collaborate with the troubled teen.
A number of stars have spoken out to condemn Brown, who is facing two charges relating to an alleged fight with Rihanna after a Grammys party last month (08Feb09).
But Akon refuses to let the 19 year old's personal problems get in the way of making good music.
He says, "Oh, absolutely! I wouldn't take anybody's personal issues or problems. I won't hold them accountable for that when it comes to work. I think it's two separate things."
The 31-year-old star isn't a stranger to scandal; in 2007 he was criticised for simulating sex onstage with the 15-year-old daughter of a preacher.
Later the same year, he was charged with throwing a minor from a stage at a concert in New York.