LATEST: R+B star Akon has shifted the blame for his raunchy dance with an underage girl on stage onto her parents. The Smack That hitmaker sparked controversy when he dirty danced with 14-year-old Danah Alleyne at a Trinidad gig in May (07), prompting the Caribbean country's Prime Minister to order a formal investigation into the incident. But Akon says he was used as a "scapegoat" and accuses her parents of being irresponsible for allowing her in an over-18 nightclub performance. He says, "It was an unfortunate situation, more of a misunderstanding more than anything. "You can't blame me for a young girl sneaking into the club. Why is her dad letting her out at that time of the night? That's not my responsibility, so I didn't really let it affect the way I was moving around." Akon, who was touring with Gwen Stefani at the time of the incident, was dropped by tour sponsors Verizon. The singer apologised to Stefani for bringing controversy to the tour in one of his songs - but insists she handled the event graciously. He says, "She had my back the whole way. We literally stood together and she was like, 'OK, as long as we stand together, we don't need Verizon, we don't need anybody, every show is completely sold out.' "Honestly we were helping them more than they're helping us at this point, so she stood by me the whole way."