R+B singer Akon and German porn star MICHAELA SCHAFFRATH used a live radio interview in Germany to blast reports they are dating.

The LONELY hitmaker and the adult actress - better known as GINA WILD to her viewers - sparked up a friendship when they met at Akon's birthday party earlier this year (05).

However, following frenzied stories in the German media claiming they're more than just good friends, the pair teamed up for a spot on RADIO ENERGY yesterday (11MAY05) to silence the gossip.

Schaffrath said, "We both had a wild past and when we met, we instantly became friends cause we could relate to each other. We are just friends."

Akon added that he was completely unaware of Schaffrath's blue background when he met her, insisting he's never seen any of her top-shelf movies.

12/05/2005 08:57