Indian actress Aishwarya Rai will star as a woman jailed for killing her violent husband in a new British movie.

The BRIDE AND PREJUDICE beauty will play KIRANJIT AHLUWALIA in PROVOKED, which is based on CIRCLE OF LIGHT - the autobiography Ahluwalia wrote after being jailed in 1989 for the murder of her husband DEEPAK.

Ahluwalia's conviction was fought by London's domestic violence pressure group the SOUTHALL BLACK SISTERS, and her jail sentence was over-turned in 1992.

Speaking at France's Cannes Film Festival, producer SUNANDA MURALI says, "It's satisfying to be involved in a project like this that has so much value."

The former Miss World's co-stars will include Harry Potter actors ROBBIE COLTRANE and Miranda Richardson.

17/05/2005 17:21