Former FRIENDS star Aisha Tyler is hobbling around after breaking three toes during a photoshoot in Miami, Florida. The actress, who played Charlie Wheeler in the hit series, wishes she had a heroic story for when she's asked about her accident, but admits it was a stupid stumble. She says, "I need a better story like I was fighting 100 ninjas and I kung-fu'd them all and then the 100th one broke my toe - or I broke it in his ass. "Honestly, I stubbed the hell out of my toe." The accident couldn't have come at a better time for the actress, a huge snowboarding fan - it allowed her to rest up and watch "every minute" of the Winter Olympics on TV. Tyler's toes are recovering nicely after three weeks even though she refuses to wear the "ski boot" she's supposed to hobble around in. She adds, "It's not that fancy and it's starting to smell a little bit."