Former FRIENDS star Aisha Tyler's husband is enjoying life even more with the comedienne since she broke her elbow - because he gets the pleasure of dressing her every day.

The statuesque beauty was snowboarding during Utah's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL last month (JAN04) when she endured the unfortunate accident, and she admits her beau JEFF TIETJENS has been making the most of it.

She says, "My husband does my bra up. He loves it - he wishes I would break things all the time. I think he's leaving strategic roller skates around the house so I'll fall and crack something else!

"He gets to zip up my pants and give me a bath and put on my bra. He's like, 'I don't think your boobs are quite even - I just need to adjust 'em a little bit more.' Ten minutes of adjusting is not changing anything, you gotta let it go!

"But it's been good; I've been well taken care of."

10/02/2004 09:15