FRIENDS star Aisha Tyler is hoping to bring a little peace to the battle of the sexes by helping women understand men in a new book.

The TV host-turned-actress has struck a deal to pen "a funny book about girls and guys and sex and partying", and she's convinced her tome will be a real eye-opener for the ladies.

She says, "I have a lot of guy friends and I don't think girls understand guys. I have a lot of things I think that girls could do to get guys.

"I understand them because I'm a bit of a tomboy, I'm a guy's girl. I play poker and I have bar fights.

"I think girls should go to strip clubs and get a guy's perspective on what that's all about. I went and a guy friend got me a lap dance - it was not that sexy. It was just this girl on my lap and I was like, 'Hey, your hair smells great, do you work out?' I was bored.

"I ended up talking to all the girls and they weren't making any money dancing."

Tyler insists writing the book won't be a problem - but finding a title will.

She adds, "I was gonna call it THE BAD ASS HANDBOOK but they don't want a book with the word ass in the title."

18/05/2003 21:04