FRIENDS star Aisha Tyler has lashed out at Monica Lewinsky because she doesn't think she deserves the celebrity tag.

Tyler was being interviewed by American TV presenter Bob Costas on his late-night show ON THE RECORD when she served up a tirade about the former White House intern, famous for her affair with former President BILL CLINTON.

The star fumed, "She's famous for giving a very messy BJ. There could be some arguments made that you shouldn't swallow.

"The thing is, before you would leave the country, go to a nunnery, hide. Now, it's like, 'Hey, look at me in my filthy dress, put me on TV, I'm gonna design handbags, I'm a whore.'"

Lewinsky is currently presenting a new reality TV show, MR PERSONALITY in America.

10/06/2003 01:43