Aimee Osbourne has reportedly warned British comedian David Walliams he faces the wrath of her matriarchal mother SHARON - because he failed to call her after they agreed to date.

Aimee - who shunned the MTV cameras on her famous family's reality TV show The Osbournes to stay out of the limelight - met the LITTLE BRITAIN funnyman at last month's (DEC04) BRITISH COMEDY AWARDS in London, and left the ceremony convinced the pair were heading for romance.

But, to Aimee's fury, Walliams failed to contact her, preferring instead to sample the intimate company of other women at subsequent public events - and she admits her sharp-tongued mum is equally enraged at his bad behaviour.

According to British magazine NEW!, Aimee told a source, "He never called after that night. I think he just used me, really. I mean, he's seen with a different girl at every do.

"Let's just say my mum is none too impressed."

11/01/2005 17:45