Aimee Osbourne has dispelled the myth she's jealous of sister KELLY's success, insisting she's too busy worrying about her young sibling to think about herself.

Aimee famously refused to be part of her family's reality TV series THE OSBOURNES and has consequently missed out on the many lucrative opportunities offered to Kelly.

However, rather than react with bitterness when Kelly won a record contract, Aimee was weighed down with fear for her sister.

She says, "You'd have thought I'd have been jealous when Kelly got her record deal, but, to be honest, I worried for her because she was so young and didn't know who she was.

"What Kelly and I do is so different; she'll wake up one morning and think she'll be a dancer or an actress, and the next day she'll want to be a pop singer."

06/04/2005 17:32