Agyness Deyn thinks marriage is ''f***ing cool''.

The 29-year-old model-and-actress married actor Giovanni Ribisi in a surprise ceremony in June after just a few weeks of dating and loves her new life with the former 'Friends' star.

She said: ''It's so f***king cool. I love being a wife. We've known each other for a while. When you know, you know ... He's f***ing awesome.''

It had been speculated that Agyness would follow her new husband's beliefs and would convert to Scientology, and though she insists that won't happen, she thinks the bizarre sci-fi cult teaches its followers a ''really practical'' way of life.

Asked if she would convert, she told the Evening Standard newspaper: ''No! That's the whole thing. You meet someone and you fall in love with them ... Like, I'd go live in a tent if I had to with him.

''It just seems like it's a way of living. Being more yourself. Losing all the stuff that causes you to do stuff that isn't beneficial. It just seems like a really practical way of living. That's what I get.

''I do know from personal experience stuff that's written is not always true.''