Supermodel Agyness Deyn has married the actor Giovanni Ribisi in one of those rarest of things - a celebrity wedding that slips almost entirely under the radar. The secrecy may have something to do with the fact that almost nobody even realised the couple were dating, let alone planning to tie the knot.
According to the UK's Sun newspaper, the pair were spotted "passionately kissing" as they patiently waited in line to be married at a Los Angeles registrar last Friday (June 15, 2012). Agyness' sister Emily eventually took to Twitter to celebrate the union, and posted a picture of the happy couple with the caption, "Cat's Out Of The Bag!!! Congrats to my sis... and mi [sic] new bro inlaw Giovanni". Agyness - originally from Lancashire, UK, - rose to fame as a supermodel though has since forged a career as a singer and actress. A little less is known of Giovanni, 37, who is reportedly an active Scientologist. Audiences will perhaps best remember him from the hit series 'Friends', on which he played Phoebe's wayward brother Frank, though his list of film credits is hugely impressive. He starred alongside Tom Hanks in 'Saving Private Ryan', and opposite Nicolas Cage in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'. More recently he played Scarlett Johansson's photographer boyfriend in the acclaimed 'Lost in Translation', and starred in 'Public Enemies', and 'Avatar'. He's also appeared in numerous music videos, including Keane's 'Crystal Ball'.
It's the second marriage for the actor, who wed actress Mariah O'Brien in 1997. They divorced in 2001 after having a daughter together, Lucia Santina.