Agyness Deyn certainly does things her way! Celebrity couples often manage to conceal a wedding from the public if they want to keep their nuptials private. Some will strike a deal with a magazine to ensure there's security in place to keep prying eyes away, others will simply manage, somehow, to keep the rumours to a minimum and swear their nearest and dearest to secrecy. Last weekend though, Agyness and Giovanni Ribisi managed to achieve a feat considered nigh-on impossible in these over-exposed times.
Agyness and Giovanni not only managed to tie the knot last weekend without anyone catching wind of their impending nuptials; nobody really even knew that they were dating. Ribisi's publicist confirmed the news today, telling the Huffington Post simply "Agyness Deyn and Giovanni Ribisi quietly married in Los Angeles over the weekend." Deyn, 29 and Ribisi, 37 are understood to have married at the Los Angeles County Registrar. Rumours began to surface over the weekend that the marriage had taken place, when they were seen "passionately kissing" whilst they waited in line for their turn to be married. Speaking to a reporter who was present, they admitted that they had been dating "for a while."
Giovanni Ribisi is a US actor; he rose to fame playing the role of Frank, Phoebe's brother, in the popular sitcom Friends. Deyn (real name Laura Hollins) began her life in the spotlight as a model. She went on to start an acting career and her biggest role to date has been the Clash of the Titans.