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When I first saw 'ABBA the movie', it was a revelation to me. Their music just made me happy and I had an immediate crush on Agnetha. I guess it is true when they say that some feelings are eternal. If I have a daughter, I will name her Agnetha.I had started piano at 5 years old at the Academy of Music. I play classical music and all Agnetha's and ABBA songs. I listen to their music while playing on the piano; it's like being part of their music band on stage. Agnetha (if you read this message): What you achieved must have taken a huge amount of work and sacrifices. But please know that your performance and presence have touched the hearts of so many. This could only have been done by giving part of yourself. Nothing comes from nothing and we are grateful for all the work that you have done; for all the time that you have spent rehearsing and perfecting your performance. Thank you for inspiring so many people with your beautiful music. Your music is not just technical. I believe that you have transferred part of your souls to your music and this is why it is so beautiful and eternal. My only wish is that all 4 of you would've stayed together. You really complete each other. I was happy to add your official website to my LinkedIn professional will go to Sweden soon during summer and, who knows, may be we'll meet one day. "I have a dream" of it.Take care and God Bless,Jean-Pierre

Posted 6 years 11 months ago by Jean-Pierre.Rabil

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I have always liked your music and your style from the first time I met you in the 60's. I got to get your signature on my 45 record and since then have added so much to my collection of you and the ABBA members. It was cool to see Frida on Norway's TV station and then see you as a member of your first group with guys. My buddy and I made a promise to write you one day. We both lived in Norway with the NATO forces there. You knocked our socks off with your voice, looks and moves. He ain't here no more to write you this note, I am. We made a promise to tell you about us some day. I'll leave a copy of this note on his spot on the WALL for all Viet Nam Veterans who did not make it back. A promise well kept. Before I pass on, I'll go to Sweden some day and sit in a small shop and eat lunch. Me and my wife will look around and then go back home again. I will have a time of my life if ever I did manage to see you again. Keep your voice active. Your friends and the people who love you have missed your talents! One old soldier/teacher to his idol, a good looking girl in a far off cold land. My men and I will never forget you. MurphyBM on the ABBA Site!

Posted 11 years 10 months ago by MurphyBm

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