Transgender Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace once threw away all her female clothes and vowed to carry on living as a man after feeling like "a deviant".
The musician, formerly known as Tom Gabel, shocked fans when she announced her decision to undergo a sex change in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year (12).
Grace admits the decision was tough, and she almost gave up on her dream to become a woman when the band was signed by Warner Bros.
She tells Britain's The Guardian newspaper, "You pile everything up into a trash bag, and go behind a store and chuck everything into a dumpster. You just get rid of everything, and you're like: 'That's it.'
"Because you feel like you're a deviant, and there is this danger of being caught, and you're terrified. You believe you have a choice in the matter. But it becomes apparent to you, after a while, that you really don't have a choice in the matter."
Grace kept the secret to herself but admits when wife Heather became pregnant three years ago, her compulsions grew stronger.
She adds, "You're thinking, 'I'm going to be a father, and I'm going to have a daughter,' and you can't help but examine that as you get older - just having less patience with all the bulls**t. Just thinking about the role model that you're going to be for your child, and what's the most important lesson you can teach them? Wanting to be honest was an example that I wanted to set."
The star finally decided to follow through with her decision to become a woman when her songwriting began to revolve around it: "I kind of reached a point where there was nothing else that I could really write about and focus on other than transsexual topic matter - whether those are stories of fiction or my own emotions writing it - I couldn't really write about anything else."
Grace has also praised her bandmates for being so supportive as she announced the news: "Straight away, I was completely terrified. 'What the f**k did I just do? Why did I do that?' But I think I was just on a roll. I called my wife and said: 'I just totally told everyone, and I don't know why.'"