Rapper Afroman is so sick of musicians who succumb to the Christmas spirit and release a jovial festive albums, he's planning a collection of songs mocking popular Yuletide carols and tunes.

With song titles including DECK MY BALLS, VIOLENT NIGHT, CHRONIC TREE and THE 12 J'S OF CHRISTMAS, Afroman is eager to buck the trend by mocking the holy holiday instead of evoking innocent childhood memories of Santa Claus and reindeer.

The star hopes his LP JOBE BELLS will serve as a humourless depiction of what Christmas was like for children living in the dangerous neighbourhoods of Los Angeles.

He tells website ALLHIPHOP.COM, "(The album was) a black dude's version of Christmas in South Central.

"The holiday season is about laughter and happiness, and this will bring you both by the bucketful, especially if your holiday season is a bit bleak, and mine were pretty much like that a lot of the time.

"I grew up in South Central so I had to make comedy out of whatever I had."

25/10/2004 17:18