Former New York State Democratic Committee member Ronald Savage recently accused the Universal Zulu Nation founder, real name Kevin Donovan, of forcing him to perform fellatio when he was a teenager in his 2014 book, Impulse, Urges and Fantasies.

Savage further detailed the alleged abuse in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97, stating, "I was a kid when this happened. I wanted to be down with the in-crowd, not really understanding that what Bambaataa was doing to me was molesting me. I knew it was wrong. I had these feelings that were like, 'Yuck'."

A representative for the Universal Zulu Nation and Bambaataa's lawyer slammed the allegations last month (Apr16), while the rap veteran also dismissed the claims as "baseless".

Now the 59-year-old has spoken out once more in an exclusive Fox 5 News interview, attacking the claims he molested underage boys decades ago.

"I never abused nobody (sic)," he said. "It just sounds crazy to people to say that... 'You abused me'. You know, my thing is, you know all my people back then, you know the hundreds of people that been around me. If something like that happened, why you never went to none of them (sic)?"

The Planet Rock hitmaker added, "You don't know what many of these people are thinking. What is behind it. Some parts are saying it could be shakeups."

Asked about Savage's claims, Bambaataa stated, "I ain't touched this brother whatsoever (sic)."

Since the allegations, three other men have stepped forward with similar claims of sexual abuse, while the Universal Zulu Nation has distanced itself from Bambaataa, recently announcing new leadership and a "significant restructure" within the organisation.