Aerosmith star BRAD WHITFORD is relieved frontman Steven Tyler decided to rejoin the group - because plans to continue with a different singer wouldn't "have worked".
Tyler stunned his bandmates last year (09) when he decided to take a two-year hiatus and walked away from the group.
The musicians immediately embarked on a mission to find a new singer to allow the band to continue touring, but Tyler's manager threatened to sue if he was replaced, and after a series of crisis talks the group announced plans for a summer tour with their original frontman.
Bassist Whitford admits the auditions they held to find an alternative vocalist weren't very successful, because most of their preferred candidates didn't want the job - and he's convinced the band would have failed if they had attempted to continue without Tyler.
He tells, "We were just asking around with some people who we thought might be interested. Some people thought that they'd be interested. Not a whole lot of people really wanted to do it. I don't know if it ever would have worked. It wouldn't have been Aerosmith. We knew that.
"Everyone was so friggin' shocked about it. It was like... well, what do you want us to do? We want to play. We're musicians, you know? That's all that it really amounted to. Maybe it wasn't just going to work."