Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler tricked his unhappy daughter Mia to go into rehab in California by telling her he was sending her to a top spa. The LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR rocker knew something was seriously wrong with his then-teenage daughter when she called him to confess she thought she was losing her mind. At the time, Mia was living in a squalid New York apartment and was drinking heavily and guzzling speed-laced diet pills she'd stolen from her mother Cyrinda Foxe. She recalls, "I just remember him saying, 'I'll call you back in five minutes.' I said, 'Dad, I think I'm going crazy...' and he said, 'I'm gonna send you to this spa in Malibu.' I was like, 'OK, great, I've never been to a spa.' "I got on a plane and it was like first class tickets and I was drinking the whole time because I thought I was going to the spa, and I was really messed up in the head. "Then I got there and I got picked up and there had been a celebrity that had just recently been on the news for needing to go to rehab and being arrested and I saw that person and I said, 'Wait a minute... I just saw you on TV and it wasn't good.' "I was at rehab and they went through all my stuff and took my nail polish away and my Walkman and wouldn't let me make phonecalls for a week."