Aerosmith star Steven Tyler talked candidly about kicking his substance abuse problems just after he was honoured for setting a good example to other drug addicts in 2003.
The rocker, 60, has reportedly admitted himself to a Las Encinas Hospital drug rehabilitation clinic in Pasadena, California for unspecified treatment.
The former hellraiser managed to stay sober for 20 years before re-entering the substance abuse programme. He first sought treatment in 1986 after finding himself under pressure from his bandmates to clean up his act.
And he spoke of his past battles with drug abuse he was presented with an award at a benefit concert for the MusiCares MAP Fund in 2003.
Ironically, Tyler handed the same award to Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash earlier this month (May08), weeks before re-entering rehab.
In words, which have come back to haunt him, Tyler, who was given the award for inspiring others to clean up, said, "The reason I stopped taking drugs is not because it was killing me... but that it was stealing something that I had.
"I stopped taking drugs and it all came back again, like as if I was 16 years old, and trying to be in my first band.
"When you're stoned for 10, 15 years, and you get sober, suddenly things start working again."