Aerosmith star Steven Tyler has poked fun at Liam Gallagher in a new interview, claiming the Oasis singer is a terrible frontman. The Live Forever star reminds the WALK THIS WAY rocker of a terrible guy who fronted one of his bandmate Joe Perry's former group's - and was so bored with the music he pasted photos of naked women all over the stage so he could gaze down at them as he performed. Tyler says, "The lead singer would tape a copy of Playboy to the stage and look at the girls and he didn't give a s**t - kind of like that singer in Oasis." The Aerosmith singer accepts Gallagher is just trying to be cool but he'd love to see the Oasis frontman really let loose. Tyler adds, "Even Liam does a dance to whatever he's feeling. When he gets home he doesn't continue to kick the imaginary wires on the floor, does he?"