LIZ TYLER was thrilled when she found out Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler was her biological father, but was determined to make sure her relationship with adopted father Todd Rundgren didn't fall apart. The Lord Of The Rings star grew up thinking rocker Rundgren was her father because her mother, Bebe Buell, was dating him when she was born - and asked him to sign her birth certificate. But the actress discovered Tyler was her father when she was nine-years-old, and claims the bombshell left it awkward to try and balance a relationship with both rockers. She explains, "I did go through a lot of internal struggle when all that happened, and I still do. On one hand, I was overjoyed to meet my real dad and family. "But it was always incredibly important to me that I not forget about Todd. He knew I probably wasn't his child when I was born, but he felt I needed a father, so he stepped up to the plate to be that man. "Though Todd and my mother broke up when I was about a week old, he supported me financially and sent me to amazing private schools. "So now I have two lovely fathers who are very different, and I get so much form both of them."