Aerosmith legend Steve Tyler was shocked to discover he had contracted blood disorder hepatitis C after an on-stage injury forced him to undergo emergency surgery, The 58-year-old rocker and father of Hollywood star Liv Tyler, had been oblivious to his condition until he was admitted to hospital for surgery on his leg in 2003. He says, "It was God's strange sense of humour, because it happened during DON'T WANNA MISS A THING, which is the biggest number one single we ever had. "Then the doctors told me, 'Ya'know, your blood looks a little weird, there's something else going on.' "They discovered I had hepatitis C, which they call the silent killer. I'd been rockin' out for years and I didn't know I had it." Tyler had to undergo treatment for 12 months, and is now free of the disease, but admits the fight against the virus was a punishing experience. He adds, "They do a shot once a week and you get pills and it f**kin' kills you. But it worked. I don't have the hepatitis anymore in my blood stream, so now I can get insurance again."