Aerosmith have been given a huge boost by Queen guitarist Brian May, who is raving about the U.S. rockers on his website. May caught Aerosmith onstage at the Hyde Park Calling festival at the weekend (23Jun07) and admits their performance made him realise there's still "greatness" and "passion" in rock 'n' roll. May writes: "There is so much fake stuff around these days, people short-cutting, not knowing their trade, having no respect for their audience... and in many cases feeding all recorded stuff from hard disc into the PA, for their fans to listen to. "Sometimes you are really listening to an entire pre-record - like a crap TV mime show brought into an arena or a stadium. Sometimes recently I have felt ashamed of my business. "But Aerosmith brought back the smile to my face - brought back pride to me - these guys remind us that there is still greatness out there... There is still a band that is all real, and full of passion, and innovation, and courage, and brick-loads of polish too. "These guys have been to the wall and back, and it shows. Each one of them has devoted his life to his craft... I loved every second. The most joyous thing about them is that they did NOT become SHOW-BIZ - they did NOT lose their roots. They are still treading that fine line between structure and improvisation."