Aerosmith 's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry buried the hatchet in a recent interview to prove that the band's comeback was for real, and that they were completely at peace with one another. The pair were in a well-documented feud with each other in 2009, after Tyler pulled out of the band's touring commitments and looked like he might be on the way out.
However the Washington Post reports that all appears mended, with the current 'American Idol' judge saying "We've already gone through all our problems," and admitting candidly "Joe and I were fighting for a while, that's no secret. But whatever demons or realities were going on in the band, it happens with bands that stay together for 40 years and have the success that we have." Indeed, it was that spark between them that helped them put on a show, he claimed, saying "We're up there to play to the audience. It's never about us."
Perry was in full agreement during the interview, saying "It's only as good as those two hours onstage. The rest of it, I have no idea how it works. With Aerosmith, we put one foot in front of the other and hope for the best." He also insisted that Aerosmith never wanted to turn into a nostalgia act, stating "There are bands that don't talk to each other for five years, and then get back together and go out and play their songs and they turn into the best cover band of their own songs," and adding "That's fine and well, but for us it will be always changing. We've been trying to write this record for 10 years, and we finally did."