Aerosmith's Joey Kramer wants his autobiography to "help people".

The drummer has penned 'Hit Hard: A Story of Hitting Rock Bottom at the Top', which follows his struggle with substance abuse problems, difficult relationship with his father and "co-dependant battle" with singer Steven Tyler,and says he hopes it can inspire others.

He said: "I want it to be entertaining, but at the same to help people.

"My desire to help people plays a strong part in my character. Because I've been allowed to do what I've done via Aerosmith, I'd like to be able to carry it on as I get older, on another level. Whatever that may be is really unbeknownst to me -maybe some sort of a lecture series or circuit or whatever - but I know that it will come."

Bassist Tom Hamilton praised his bandmate's "amazing" story but says he has no plans to bring out a tome of his own.

He explained to "Right now my passion is expressing myself through music. I think the thing to do is to be the last one to write a book. That way you can let everybody else put things in their book that are gonna make you mad, and then you can answer back and have the last word."