Aerosmith will be playing ''for the next five years''.

Despite starting their farewell tour in May, guitarist Brad Whitford has confirmed the 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' hitmakers aren't going anywhere too soon, and have just recorded a ''very rock 'n roll'' new song.

He said: ''Hopefully, there's five more years. It's got longer. We're going to keep playing until we can't play anymore.

''You don't have to record a whole CD anymore. We've started recording a new song. It's very rock 'n roll.

''Hopefully, we can put out this one song or two or three.''

Brad also hinted the 'Walk This Way' group - also made up of Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer - could be tempted to record a Latin-inspired tune in the near future.

He added to Billboard Argentina: ''I don't hear it that much. But the rhythm is undeniable, and the quality of the music is superior. I don't think there's anybody that can ignore Latin rhythm.

''The music business has changed so much since we started. You have to do things really differently.

''We could just release one song and make it available for download. It is a different world in the music business.''

Last year, Aerosmith announced a farewell tour called 'Aero-Vederci Baby!', which began in May 2017.

In January, Joe admitted the tour will probably last a ''few years''.

He said: ''The feeling is, right now is gonna be in semi-tour mode for the next few years.

''We'll be taking time off here and there, but we really want to play some of the places that we've maybe played once before, maybe never before. Kind of go around and hit all the spots you can.''