Aerosmith's Joe Perry has spoken about how "surreal" it was working with producer Jack Douglas again for the first time in over 20 years.

The WALK THIS WAY guitarist told Boston, Massachusetts radio DJ OEDIPUS that the decades simply vanished when the veteran rockers worked with Douglas on new album HONKIN' ON BOBO.

Perry says, "After not working with him in the studio since '79 (on NIGHT IN THE RUTS), making the record with Jack was surreal."

Douglas - who has also worked with The Who and JOHN LENNON - produced a number of classic Aerosmith albums in the seventies, including TOYS IN THE ATTIC and ROCKS.

Perry adds, "There were some times when we'd be rehearsing in the studio, and I'd look up and see him and it would be like a wicked flashback, like 20 years has passed, but not a moment has passed.

"That was pretty bizarre, but it was great."

26/03/2004 17:38