Veteran rockers Aerosmith have described recording their new blues-cover album akin to getting "laid for the first time."

The CRAZY band are set to release the longplayer, HONKIN' ON BOBO in January (04), which tackles blues tracks like ROADRUNNER and BABY, PLEASE DON'T GO.

Frontman Steven Tyler enthuses, "It feels like we all took a break, went to summer camp and got laid for the first time."

And the father of film star LIV believes that the rock outfit have always been influenced by the classic style.

He adds, "I think Aerosmith has always been a blues-based band. When music hit me the most, it was always that blues from Mississippi that only came on at night . . . the devil's music.

"So we figured, instead of just putting one or two bluesy songs on our record - like BIG TEN INCH and REEFER HEAD WOMAN - we would do an album that was geared towards what was in our gut . . . of all the stuff the label said, 'It sounds like a bunch of blues riffs, it's no good.'"

09/07/2003 01:56