Rockers Aerosmith have pulled out of a Fourth of July show with the Boston POPS orchestra because singer Steven Tyler is struggling to beat laryngitis.

Tyler's bad throat has forced the group to cancel a handful of shows on their US tour with CHEAP TRICK - and he isn't going to risk wrecking more dates.

Plus, Tyler was desperate to spend downtime with his family.

He explains, "When you look at what it required, it was a day of rehearsal and then the whole day of the show. We've been on the road for five months!

"What do I say when I look into my 14-year-old's eyes and she says, 'Daddy, are you going to come to my graduation?' There's only so many days. That's the problem. There really was just no time."

Tyler admits he's been battling with his bad throat for weeks.

He says, "If you get a cold, how do you sing on a cold? I gotta rest up. Otherwise there's drugs to take, which can get you through it, but the next day you pay dearly.

"I took some steroids two weeks ago and wound up cancelling a show because of it. Then last weekend we shuffled off to Buffalo (New York), where it was 40 degrees on stage. That was all I needed. I woke up the next morning with laryngitis."

25/06/2004 02:10