Adrienne King didn't know her 'Friday the 13th' character would be killed off in the sequel.

The 62-year-old actress starred as Alice Hardy - the sole survivor in the 1980 cult horror classic - but King returned briefly in the 1981 sequel 'Friday the 13th Part 2', but was brutally murdered in the opening scene by the psychopath Jason Voorhees.

However, King never knew that her character would be killed off until the day came to shoot and she revealed she never even got a script.

She told ''I actually said to them that I would do whatever they needed for the segue, I was theirs.

''And I was very happy - and I never got a script. Didn't even get a script.

''Then there was a car that picked me up, and little did I know, but I get up there and the crew's almost gone.

''Everybody had gone. I didn't realise, but they had actually filmed the movie already.''

Despite surviving the wrath of Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees, in the first movie, the sequel sees a revived, adult Jason killing Alice by sticking an ice pick through her temple in the opening scene.

Since the cult classic back in 1980, the franchise has spawned 10 more movies and the character of Jason appeared in the 2003 film crossover 'Freddy vs Jason', where he goes head-to-head with 'Nightmare on Elm Street' villain Freddy Krueger.

A new 'Friday the 13th' film was in the works but was shut down just weeks before shooting was due to begin.

The psychopath was due to be resurrected for a reboot scheduled for release in October last year - 47 years after the franchise first began.

Breck Eisner had been hired to direct the slasher flick from a script by Aaron Guzikowski with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form back on board to produce after bringing back Jason in the 2009 movie.

But Paramount Pictures halted the project just as the cameras were due to start.