Actor Adrien Grenier has spoken out in defence of the paparazzi, insisting celebrity photographers are just "trying to earn a buck".
The 32-year-old Entourage star has been plagued by swarms of photographers since beginning his stint on the hit U.S show in 2004 - and Grenier admits tabloids have become a guilty pleasure.
He says, "They're (paparazzi) trying to earn a buck in a fun way. Right now this sort of exploitation is accepted and embraced by mass culture, so they're doing what they can to feed that demand and make money."
But the actor insists he hasn't considered going behind the camera lens for a career-swap.
He adds, "It's not a choice that I would make because a lot of times it's degrading to people. But we're all susceptible to buying into it. Tabloids can be fun.
"I see stuff sometimes and have a good laugh. I enjoy pointing fingers and casting stones, but ultimately, I try and balance my media diet with things that are healthy."